Western suburb built on the land of the Burramattagal people. Sydney's second European settlement, it began as a government farm in 1788 and has many heritage listed sites. It is now the commercial hub of Greater Western Sydney.

George Street Parramatta, from the gates of Government House, around 1804-5
Rose Hill


by Terry Kass, 2008 Creative Commons License

Named for its traditional owners, the Burramattagal, Parramatta was the site of the second European settlement in Sydney, and an early successful farm. Until the 1850s many governors preferred to live in Parramatta Government House. The railway arrived in 1857 and the town became prosperous, with its own suburbs by the 1870s, business and industrial districts, and large medical and educational institutions.
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Prince Alfred Park, Parramatta

by Michaela Ann Cameron, 2015 Creative Commons License

In colonial times, the area known today as Prince Alfred Park contained the colony's gaol and was known as 'the Gaol Green' and 'the Hanging Green.' Regular public punishments occurred there until the 1840s when the gaol moved to a new location and the area became a public reserve. A visit by the Duke of Edinburgh in the 1860s saw the area renamed Alfred Square. The park took on grander elements in the twentieth century, eventually transforming into the vibrant civic space it is today.
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Parramatta's General Hospital

by Michaela Ann Cameron, 2015 Creative Commons License

Parramatta's General Hospital for convicts was located on Marsden Street overlooking the Parramatta River from 1789 to 1818. Initially two thatched sheds that were known as the Tent Hospital, these were replaced in 1792 by a Brick Hospital. However, conditions continued to be woefully inadequate and led to the construction of a third hospital for convicts, the Colonial Hospital, on the same site in 1818.
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The Crescent

by Michaela Ann Cameron, 2015 Creative Commons License

Governor Phillip established Australia's first inland settlement, Parramatta, on a site called 'The Crescent' – an area of flat alluvial ground contained by a bend in the river in the Burramattagal's traditional hunting grounds. The first Government House in Parramatta stood within The Crescent, and later the Governor's Dairy. The area was redeveloped in 2014 to host public events.
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The Colonial Hospital

by Michaela Ann Cameron, 2015 Creative Commons License

At the request of Governor Macquarie, a new convict hospital was built at Parramatta and opened in 1818. Designed by John Watts, the building was based on a military hospital and proved grossly inadequate: only half the expected number of patients could be treated there, men and women were placed side-by-side, and diseases such as dysentery, tuberculosis and syphilis were rife. The hospital officially closed on 31 March 1848, reopening as Parramatta District Hospital in June the same year and bringing the era of convict healthcare to a close.
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Factory Above the Gaol

by Michaela Ann Cameron, 2015 Creative Commons License

Australia's first female factory at Parramatta (known as the 'Factory Above the Gaol') was Governor King's attempt at finding a solution to the problem of accommodating the colony's abundance of unemployed convict women at the same time as protecting them, and the young colony, against corrupt influences. In its industrial capacity, the factory in excelled in its early years. As a refuge-cum-guardian of public morality, it fell considerably short with severe over-crowding and deteriorating buildings.
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Parramatta demographics

Female Orphan School, Paramatta [sic], N.S. Wales c1825
Map of the Cow Pasture Road and neighbouring counties: Cumberland, Camden and Cook 1919
The annual meeting of the native tribes at Parramatta, New South Wales, the Governor meeting them c1826
Arrival of the first railway train at Parramatta from Sydney 1857
Gay Pride march, Parramatta 1983
Parramatta Hospital c1900
Roxy Theatre facade, Parramatta c1970
Female penitentiary or factory, Parramata [sic] c1826
Lake Parramatta reserve 2009
Roxy Cinema Parramatta
Experiment Farm Cottage, Parramatta 2009
Science class, King's School c1925-39
Cricket match at King's School 1898
Church Street, Parramatta 1898
Poster for four-horse coach to Parramatta and Windsor, c1870
Interior of St Patrick's Cathedral, Parramatta 2009
View of Governor's House, Rosehill, Parramatta c1798
View at Rose Hill Port Jackson c1791
View of the Government House Parramatta from the bridge over the river 1833
Government House, Parramatta, 1805
Government House, Parramatta 1819
Stables and Observatory, Government Domain, 9 September 1844
Old bath house building at Parramatta Park 2006
The Dairy and Ranger's Cottage, Parramatta Park 2009
Port Jackson, vue de la maison du Gouverneur a Parramatta 1819
Old Government House illuminated as part of the Luminary festival in Parramatta Park, 30 June 2010
Hot air balloons in Parramatta Park, Australia Day celebrations in Parramatta Park 26 January 2011
Tudor-style gatehouse at Parramatta Park 2008
A view of the Governor's house at Rose Hill in the township of Parramatta c1798
Hambledon Cottage
South View of Parramatta, New South Wales, from the Great Western Road near Turnpike house 1820
Handbill from Waterloo Stores advertising coffee for sale in Parramatta c1850
The Orphan School,  entering Parramatta 1821-23
Atlas of the Suburbs of Sydney - Parramatta 1889-1894
Female Orphan School, Parramatta 1870-1875
A new Grace Bros regional store at Parramatta October 1939
Town Hall, Parramatta c1890
Church Street Parramatta c1890
Overhead bridge in Parramatta c1871
Roxy Theatre, Parramatta c1930
The Channel to Rose Hill from the beginning of the flats at the head of Port Jackson from the wharf where Stores are landed for Rose Hill: Survey'd 1 Jany 1790
South African War Memorial, Parramatta c1930
A view in Parramatta N S Wales looking East 1825-1828
The Travellers' Rest group of buildings on the corner of O'Connell and Hunter Streets, Parramatta 2015
The Travellers Rest building on the corner of Hunter and O'Connell Streets, Parramatta 2015
The old Parramatta Hospital c1880
Plan and elevation of a hospital intended to be built at Parramatta, approved Macquarie 16 April 1817
View of the colonial hospital in Parramatta c1822
Brislington Medical and Nursing Museum, Parramatta March 2014
Diamond brickwork in the walls of Brislington, March 2014
The well at Brislington, Parramatta March 2014
South west view of Parramatta in New South Wales by an unknown artist 1811
Brislington House - Medical and Nursing Museum, Parramatta 22 October 2012
The Anderson Fountain in Prince Alfred Park, Parramatta June 2015
Prince Alfred Park, Parramatta 2015
The pillory, or stocks, at Parramatta c1798
A view of part of Parramatta Port Jackson c1809
The rotunda, or bandstand, in Prince Alfred Park, Parramatta 2015
Government Public Notice concerning Elizabeth Davis who absconded from the Female Factory at Parramatta August 1831
Plan of the Township of Parramatta in New South Wales 1814
Detail of 1814 plan of Parramatta showing the land set aside for the Gaol and the Factory by the Parramatta River
View of the tent hospital at Parramatta c1798
Government Domain, Parramatta 23 August 1844
The site of the Crescent, Parramatta Park March 2014
View of part of the town of Parramatta in New South Wales, taken from the south side of the river 1812
Salter's farm, or Dairy Cottage, on the left and Ranger's Cottage on the right, Parramatta 2014
Salter's farm, or Dairy Cottage, Parramatta 2014
Ranger's Cottage, Parramatta 2014
Transverse Section through a Range of Cells erected at the Female Factory, Parramatta 1837
Francis Greenway's Female Factory Lying In Hospital viewed from where the original main building of the factory once stood, Parramatta 2014
Elopement Extraordinary!!! October 1827
Pillars on verandah of Roseneath, home of Mr and Mrs Arthur Gates, typify architecture of early 19th century, Parramatta 1950
Roseneath Cottage, Parramatta 2015
Verandah of Roseneath Cottage, Parramatta 2015
Exterior of Roseneath Cottage, Parramatta 2015
The Travellers Rest group of buildings on O'Connell Street, Parramatta 2015
Grave of William H Bennett and Elizabeth Agnes Miller in St Johns churchyard, Parramatta 2015
12 O'Connell Street, the cottage at the centre of the Travellers Rest group,  Parramatta 2015
14 O'Connell Street, one of the Travellers Rest group of buildings, Parramatta 2015
St John's Cemetery, Parramatta, around July 1870
Where Pioneers sleep: Tombstone tales in St John's Churchyard, Parramatta 1923
On the razzle dazzle, in Prince Alfred Square, Parramatta 1932
The orange orchard of Mr Pye, Parramatta 1872
The Parramatta Orange
Bonney Djuric on Parramatta Girls' Home 2009Bonney Djuric on the Parramatta Female Factory 2009