Botany Bay

Bay or cove

Large bay south of the city of Sydney, into which the Cooks and Georges rivers run.

Botany Bay sunrise 1 2007
Arrived Sydney
18 Jan 1788
20 Jan 1788

Just as the Kameygal people had enjoyed the rich sea life of Botany Bay, Booralee thrived as a vibrant fishing village for over a century until overfishing and pollution saw the demise of the fishing industry.
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Botany Bay, October 17 1868
Captain Cook taking possession of the Australian continent on behalf of the British crown 1770
La Perouse, Botany Bay 1878
Lord's Mill, Botany Bay 1838
Botany Bay. Sirius & Convoy going in : Supply & Agents Division in the Bay, 21 January 1788
Botany Heads c1865
Botany Bay from Newtown 15 October 1853
South western outfall siphon and Mascot Pumping Station at the mouth of Cooks River, Botany Bay 1916
Dedication of Captain Cook reserve and monument at Kurnell  6 May 1899
Atlas of the Suburbs of Sydney - Botany 1888-1888
Atlas of the Suburbs of Sydney - Rockdale 1888
The village of Booralee 1888
The Smith brothers and friends on their fishing boat, the Pastime, preparing for a leisurely sail on the Bay  c1935
Group of spectators on the beach at Botany watching one of the sailing boat races c1915
Les Jones, Waynes Jones (child) and Bunda Jones in the yard at Luland Street c1962
People in a boat and tin canoes on Botany Bay in the 1930s
Botany fishermen and their boats, moored near the mouth of the Cooks River January 1938
Botany Bay harbour with a view of the heads, taken from Cook's Point 1812
Entrance of Cooks River Botany Bay November 1840
From Mud Bank Botany Bay - mouth of Cooks River 1830
Botany Bay, New South Wales 1824
Detail of TL Mitchell's map of the colony of New South Wales showing Botany Bay, Port Jackson and rivers 1834
From the Warren, Botany in distance, 8 August 1883
Botany Bay from Newtown, December 1862
View of the Heads, and part of Botany Bay - from the End of Cooks River 1822-1823
Village of Cook's Town, situated at the entrance of Cook's River Botany Bay for sale by Auction 1850s
Australia East Coast Botany Bay and Port Hacking, British Admiralty nautical chart 1853
Detail of TL Mitchell's map of the colony of New South Wales showing the Georges River 1834
Where to spend Christmas: Historic spot Sans Souci 1894
View of Botany Bay 1790
The Supply at anchor, and the Sirius with her convoy coming into Botany Bay 20 January 1788
The Supply at anchor, Botany Bay 20 January 1788
The Captain Cook Bridge under construction, with the Taren Point ferry coming in 1960s
Sketch of Botany Bay in New South Wales latitude 34°00'S 1770
Botany Bay c1789