Darlinghurst Gaol

Gaol or detention centre

Sydney's main gaol from its opening in 1841, later used as an internment camp, technical college and art school.

Darlinghurst Gaol 1891
Woolloomooloo stockade
13 Feb 1844
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Darlinghurst Gaol

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Planned from the 1820s, Darlinghurst Gaol was built in stages to designs that shifted with penal theories and government budgets. From 1841 prisoners were kept there, in increasingly overcrowded and unpleasant conditions. After Long Bay prison was opened in 1914 the buildings were used for a range of other purposes.
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Cricket match in Hyde Park, Sydney 1842
Prisoners in uniform at Darlinghurst Gaol c1885
East Sydney Technical College 1936
Prisoners in uniform at Darlinghurst Gaol c1885
Darlinghurst Gaol from Burton Street 1870
O'Farrell in Darlinghurst 1868
Plan of the New Gaol for Sydney to contain 400 prisoners in solitary cells, by G Barney, Captain, Royal Engineer, and Mortimer Lewis, Colonial Architect c1836
Prisoners in yard at Darlinghurst Gaol 1884-1886
Prisoners in yard at Darlinghurst Gaol 1884-1886
Prisoners in yard at Darlinghurst Gaol 1884-1886
John Feltham Archibald and John Haynes, journalists of The Bulletin, in Darlinghurst Gaol c1882
Irish internees in Darlinghurst Gaol c1918
Kiely inside Darlinghurst Gaol c1918
Darlinghurst Gaol c1918
Albert Dryer, Kiely and the Irish internees in corridor at Darlinghurst Gaol 1918-1919
Plan of HM Gaol Darlinghurst March 1885
Bertrand & Kinder tragedy; being the account of the extraordinary trial of Mr and Mrs Bertrand, and Mrs Kinder, and the subsequent trial and conviction of Louis Bertrand at the Criminal Court of New South Wales for the murder of Henry Kinder, of the City Bank, Sydney 1865
Woolloomooloo, Potts Point and Elizabeth Bay 1832