Potts Point


Small, densely populated inner-eastern suburb, joined to Garden Island in 1942. It contains significant nineteenth-century buildings as well as some of Sydney's earliest apartment buildings in the Art Deco style. It includes the locality of Kings Cross.

Kings Cross and Potts Point 2004

Potts Point demographics

Woolloomooloo finger wharf and Potts Point 2007
Ted Noffs preaching to congregation at Wayside Chapel, Kings Cross 1966
Wayside Chapel, Kings Cross 1966
Reverend Ted Noffs outside Wayside Chapel, Kings Cross 1966
Jesus Adam (right), a counsellor at Wayside Chapel, Kings Cross 1976
Fruit stall in Springfield Avenue 26 May 1933
Part of a cadastral map of Sydney by Woolloomooloo Bay, showing Victoria and McLeay Streets c1841
Plan shewing the situation of the allotments for sale at Darlinghurst Elizabeth Bay: the property of Alexr Mcleay Esqre 1840s
Wolomoloo (Springfield House) 1832
The Dorchester nightclub in Potts Point 1959
At Potts Point - Tamworth Mansion, Elizabeth Bay Road c1900
Crowds outside the Chevron Hilton hoping for a glimpse of the Beatles staying in the Sheraton Hotel opposite, Macleay Street, Potts Point 11 June 1964
Beatles fans in the rain outside the Sheraton Motor Inn, Potts Point 11 June 1964
Woolloomooloo, Potts Point and Elizabeth Bay 1832
Minerva Theatre opening night, Potts Point 18 May 1939
Minerva Theatre 1939-1945
Stairs for pedestrians in Sydney, NSW [Butler Stairs, Woolloomooloo] c1900
Butler Steps between Victoria and Brougham Streets c1888
A Glimpse of Sydney from Darlinghurst c1886
A cliff-face stair-way, Darlinghurst c1886