Martin Place

Square or place

Wide street running through Sydney's centre, from the General Post Office at the George Street end, and completed when Sydney City Council resumed property to extend the street all the way to Macquarie Street in the 1930s. Lined with elegant buildings of grand design and lavish materials it has been entirely pedestrian since 1979.

South side of Martin Place, from Commonwealth Bank to Prudential Building c1938
Moore Street

Martin Place

by Dictionary of Sydney staff writer, 2010

A pedestrian street created in stages from the 1980s to the 1970s, Martin Place has been called the heart of the city.
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Christmas in Martin Place

by Laila Ellmoos, 2014 Creative Commons License

The Christmas tree in Martin Place, a fixture of Sydney's festive season, is a relatively recent addition to the landscape of the city, dating from 1971 when Martin Place was first converted into a pedestrian space. It is, however, a continuation of older traditions in the city.
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General Post Office, Sydney c1890
Italian ex-servicemen give fascist salute at Cenotaph, Anzac Day parade, Martin Place April 1937
Martin Place c1907-10
Legacy club members march past the Cenotaph 1930
General Post Office c1900
General Post Office building 2001
Dobell Memorial sculpture by Bert Fl├╝gelmann  Martin Place 1984
GPO clock face being removed, Martin Place 14 June 1942
Flower seller in Martin Place, Sydney, 1961
View from Castlereagh Street down Martin Place 1954
After the ceremony unveiling the Cenotaph, Martin Place 21 February 1929
The wool industry, Commonwealth Bank, Martin Place
Vaulted ceiling of stained glass, Commonwealth Bank, Martin Place
Jim Davidson's ABC Dance Band give a public performance in Martin Place 12 January 1939
Mick Adams in his Black and White Milk Bar, Martin Place c1932
Mick Adams (centre) in the Black and White Milk Bar, Martin Place c1932
Children from the Dalwood Home with plaster cow outside the Black and White Milk Bar, Martin Place c1933
The George Street end of Martin Place c1905
Flower sellers in Martin Place c1940
Ratings from the new aircraft carrier HMAS Sydney march past the Cenotaph in Martin Place 1949
For the Festive Season - Christmas bells and bush. Flower seller in Martin Place 20 December 1933
Christmas tree in Martin Place December 2005
Peace jubilation in Martin Place 11 November 1918
Mourning woman laying wreath on the Cenotaph on Anzac Day c1930
Nurse accepting a donation from a swaggy, Martin Place 30 July 1915
Peace Declared: a reminiscence of celebrations in Martin Place 1945