South-eastern beachside suburb. Its name is believed to come from a tribe that lived there, or from a Dharuk companion of Bennelong. Another conjectured meaning is 'like thunder', referring to the sound of heavy surf.

Maroubra 2003


by Catie Gilchrist, 2015 Creative Commons License

Originally fishing and camping grounds for the local Muru-ora-dial Aboriginal people, Maroubra is now the largest suburb in the area governed by Randwick City Council, in both area and population. However, its early beginnings did not foresee such developments. Industry and the spectacle of dramatic shipwrecks drew Europeans to the area in the late nineteenth century but development didn't begin in earnest until the early twentieth century.
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Randwick City Council Bicentennial Commemorative Plaques recognise buildings and sites of historical significance throughout Randwick municpality.
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Maroubra demographics

Advertisement for auction sale of Crown Lands at Maroubra 1922
Salk polio vaccination of schoolgirls, Maroubra 1956
Morning swimmers at Mahon Pool, Maroubra 2009
Crowds viewing the Hereward, aground at Maroubra c1898
Olympia Motor Speedway, late 1925
The Dawn of a Great Suburb: a vision of the near future c1911
The Surf Bathers Estate Maroubra 1911
Olympia Motor Speedway, Fitzgerald Avenue, Maroubra 8 January 1930
Thundering surf, Mahon Pool, Maroubra 1 April 2013
Houses in Maroubra 31 March 1948
Garry Wotherspoon on Maroubra 2009Reminiscences of the Japanese mini submarine attack in Sydney Harbour 1942