Macquarie Place

Square or place

The open space at the corner of Loftus and Bridge streets marked with an obelisk from which roads in the colony were measured. Originally the area was swampy mangrove land on the banks of the Tank Stream it has been a public meeting place since the 1790s.

Macquarie Place

by Anne-Maree Whitaker, 2008 Creative Commons License

In the early nineteenth century Macquarie Place was the administrative and business hub of Sydney. Today traces of its long history can be found in the monuments, relics and old trees which still remain.
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Macquarie Place, Sydney c1923-4
Plan of underground public toilet at Macquarie Reserve c1907
Macquarie Place c1869-74
Doric fountain in Macquarie Place 6 December 1842
Public meeting at Macquarie Place during the election 1857
Macquarie's Obelisk, Macquarie Place, 24 March 1926
JA Hogue unveiling Sirius anchor and cannon, Macquarie Place, January 1907
Anchor and cannon from HMS Sirius, Macquarie Place c1935
View of Macquarie Place 1850s
Macquarie Place 1859
Plan of Governors Demesne Land, surveyed in the year 1816
View in the town of Sydney 1853
Victory Day parade, Macquarie Place, Bridge Street 19 July 1919
Statue of Thomas Sutcliffe Mort, Macquarie Place c1900-1910