Inner-city suburb named for its original status as Anglican church land granted to Richard Johnson, chaplain of the first fleet in 1790. The Glebe Point area became fashionable in the nineteenth century, while the southern part of Glebe became a working class district.

Glebe and Wentworth Park 2008


by Max Solling, 2011

Cadigal and Wangal country that was parcelled out to the Church of England soon after the Europeans arrived, Glebe became a retreat for the gentry and later a gritty working-class enclave. The late twentieth century saw it transformed again into a heritage precinct, saved from redevelopment by resident action.
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Glebe Pubs

by Max Solling, 2016 Creative Commons License

In nineteenth century Glebe, the pub was larger and more comfortable than the average working class home and it was just around the corner. Open seven days a week from 6 am to midnight, for the working class the pub was the centre of community life and an important public space. From the 1880s, changes to Sunday trading, the management of hotel licences and the introduction of six o'clock closing led to new drinking practices that would remain in place until the 1950s. The 1951 Royal Commission on Liquor Laws in New South Wales supported a 10 pm closing-time, offerings of food and entertainment, and access to pubs for women. But the heyday was long over: in 1892, Glebe supported twenty-eight pubs; by 2003, there were just ten pubs still trading in Glebe.
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Glebe demographics

Glebe Island 2005
Glebe Island and Anzac Bridge 2005
Glebe Island Bridge at Johnson's Bay, Sydney c1878
Glebe Island car terminal 2006
Goat Island 2003
New Glebe Island Bridge under construction 19 September 1995
Site of new university, the University of Sydney, 1854
A stall at the Homeopathic Hospital fete 1930s
Anzac Bridge 2008
Chippendale, Victoria Park April 2005
Entrance to the Sze Yup Temple, Edward Street, Glebe 2003
Steam tram travelling along Broadway into the city
Glebe Public School 1871
St John's Church schoolhouse, Glebe 1871
Elsie Women's Refuge, Glebe 1974
New South Wales College of Nursing, Glebe 1961
Advertisement for auction sale of subdivision of Toxteth Estate, Glebe October 1904
Advertisement for Subdivision of Toxteth House Estate, Glebe Point by auction sale,  30 September 1893
Advertisement for sale of third subdivision of Toxteth Park Estate, Glebe Point, 23 October 1886
Architectural plans for Toxteth Park Hotel, Westmoreland Street, Forest Lodge, 7 June 1906
Fishing in Victoria Park 1930s
Sze Yup Temple in Edward Lane, Glebe 1904
The Glebe School of Arts at 191-195 Bridge Road, 31 March 1955
Toxteth, taken from the roof of Strathmore Glebe c1880
Glebe Point c1895
Building plans for School of Arts and Working Men's Institute, Bridge Rd Glebe 1923
The Glebe District Silver Band 1936-1937
248 Francis-street, Glebe 1900
Stables at rear of No 42 Francis-street, Glebe 1900
Boy and dog in gutter at rear of No 42 Francis-street, Glebe 1900
Atlas of the Suburbs of Sydney - Glebe 1886-1888
Horsedrawn omnibuses, corner Parramatta Road and Bay Street with Sydney University on the skyline c1870
Imperial Wool Purchase Scheme storage erected at Wentworth Park, Sydney, capacity 35000 bales c1916-1923
Benledi House, Glebe 2 April 2014
Benledi House, Glebe 2 April 2014
The Glebe, our house 1870
Plan shewing the situation of Mr William's property at Glebe Island, WH Wells, surveyor July 11th 1844
Women's liberationists storm the roof at the Bidura Shelter for Girls in Glebe on International Womens Day 8 March 1974
The Metropolitan Girls' Shelter at the rear of Bidura, Avon Street Glebe 1931
Tricketts, 270 Glebe Point Road, Glebe 6 March 2015
Brass sign with guide to the Bidura Children's Court complex, Glebe Point Road, Glebe 6 March 2015
Avon Street entrance to the Bidura Auditorium and Children's Court, Glebe 6 March 2015
Bidura, 357 Glebe Point Road, Glebe 6 March 2015
Toxteth Chapel. erected 1843, by George Allen on his estate at Glebe Point c1904
Addresses of men listed on the Ultimo Presbyterian Church Roll of Honour at the time of their enlistment 1914-1918
Glebe Court House 16 February 2012
Glebe Court House c1970
Harold Park going...   11 January 2011
The front path of Benledi House in Glebe was chalked with a rainbow 30 April 2013
St Barnabas CE Church, Glebe c1905
Glebe Jubilee Fountain 2016
Toxteth Park Estate, Glebe Point: the third subdivision, choice building sites: for sale by auction on the ground on Saturday 9th March 1907 at 3 pm by Richardson & Wrench Ltd
Edda Boyd talks about her childhood in Glebe in the 1950s, October 2007