Northern commercial and residential centre named after Eastwood House, built by William Rutledge in 1840. Birthplace of the Granny Smith apple, it has become increasingly multicultural following postwar migration and more recently the arrival of many Chinese and Korean migrants.


by Beverley McClymont, 2010

A region of farming estates, before the railway joined it to the city, Eastwood is now a multicultural suburb which retains some of its historic precincts.
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Eastwood demographics

Children in the audience at Eastwood Odeon cinema 1947
Westley's chemist shop, Rowe Street, Eastwood, c 1947
Advertisement for the first subdivision sale of Anthony Darvall's portion of the Darvall Estate, Eastwood, 23 April 1904
Highlands Estate, Eastwood East, for auction sale on the ground, 18 November 1905 at 3 pm
Brush Farm House, Eastwood c1885
Members of the Terry family in front of Eastwood House,  c1866
Members of the Terry family at the rear of Eastwood House c1866
Unveiling the Eastwood War Memorial, 24 May 1925
Eastwood Duke of York Theatre, April 1938
Birdseye view across the lake, Eastwood c1912
View from front gates of the Convalescent Hospital for Men in Denistone House, Eastwood, August 1914
Maxine McKew, Bob Hawke and members of local Chinese and Korean communities, King’s Seafood Restaurant, Eastwood 14 August 2010