Centennial Park


The largest urban park in the southern hemisphere, developed as a parkland since the early days of European settlement. It also gives its name to the small residential suburb on its western fringe, whose most famous resident was Nobel Prize winning novelist Patrick White.

Centennial Park c1890s
Lachlan Swamps
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Centennial Park

by Paul Ashton, 2008 Creative Commons License

A sandy swampy tract of land, skirted by roads based on Aboriginal tracks, the land that became Centennial Park was set aside as a common by Macquarie in 1811. Later the swamps in the park supplied Sydney's water, first by card and later via Busby's Bore. In 1888 the area was designated a public park commemorating 100 years since the founding of the colony. The park was designed, planted, neglected and refurbished over the next century and more, and remains one of Sydney's great spaces.
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Centennial Park demographics

Federation celebrations in Centennial Park 1901
Centennial Park c1895
Mr Joseph Bradshaw remembers in 1927 being the proud owner of the second car in Liverpool, interviewed in 1986